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Shirdi Sai Spiritual Path

Social changes, scientific improvement,  political changes  are transforming  this world continuously. New religions have originated periodically to cater to these  changes. Religion  represents  the ways and means  for realizing  the supreme  truth. There are  many religions,  which have  shown different paths to realize God, such as Buddhism,  Hinduism, Islam and  Christianity. However, nowadays  these religions challenge  peace, secularism and  harmony  in  the  world. At  this  juncture, Baba’s  spiritual  path  is inevitable.  It consists  of  the   principles  of all   religions  such as  Buddhism,   Hinduism,  Islam  and Christianity.  Baba’s  spiritual   path  consists  of inner purity, karma yoga, bhakthi  yoga, dhyana yoga,  jnana yoga and  holy  yatra.  Baba   demonstrated  these   processes in   His life activities. In  this way, He covered  and  touched  all aspects of spiritualism in a simple form which could be applied by  worldly people.  Undoubtedly,  it will  unite people   from all  over  the  world under one  umbrella.  Here, Baba’s  spiritual  path has  been delivered in such way that it can  be adopted  by all sections  of people in their day to day life.

Baba’s Important Sayings for His Spiritual Path:

Baba’s sayings are very unique and powerful ; the moment we hear His sayings we can feel their power:

1. Purification of mind is very much necessary. Without it, all our spiritual efforts and practices go to  waste, and are nothing but useless show and pomp.

2. Selfless service purifies the mind. Help the poor, feed the hungry & provide a place for abandoned people. Give clothes to the naked, Give medicine  to sufferer.   God will take any form, And appear before you and beg. We may not  know, when &   what form, he will come. So do not be cruel to a beggar and do not show your anger. If you do not want to help him, remain be silent.

3. Simple  remembrance of My  name as   ‘Sai Sai’  will remove  all  the sins of speech, hearing and action.Those who chant My name with deep love,I will fulfils their wishes  & increase  their devotion. Have full faith with your Guru(Baba). Worship your Guru(Baba) as the avatar of trimurthi  & see Him as Vishnu(Hari), Siva(Hara) and Brahmma.

4. Dhyana is needed to get  knowledge of  Brahman. This practice pacifies the mind & takes you into Samadhi. If you chant My name as ‘Sai Ram’, your mind always attains peace, thus, you will attain many benefits. Meditate on  My formless nature,  which is knowledge,  consciousness and bliss. If you cannot do this, meditate on My body from feet to head as you see here day and night.

5. Whoever reads and sings My life, My deeds,  My stories and miracles,  I will give them infinite joy & everlasting satisfaction. To know Me, constantly think, who am I? Who are we? Where are you? Where is all this world?

6.Who ever steps on  the soil  of  Shirdi,  his  suffering   will be over.  My Samadhi  will  speak to the devotees and fulfil their needs. As soon as the devotees  climb into  the steps  of  My Samadhi; the sufferer and sinner will dwell in happiness.

7.This is Brahman, pure white Brahman. This  Brahman  can show the  way to God’s  destination & take lakhs of people  to  the feet of God. There  are many  ways to go up  (God), from  here (Shirdi) there is a way”.

Based on the above sayings, the spiritual processes are outlined as below:

1.Inner Purity: Understanding our inner impurities such as, greed, jealousy,  hatred and selfishness. Later, we can remove these impurities by following other spiritual processes such as, karma yoga, bhakthi yoga and dhyana yoga.

2.Karma Yoga: Extending charity either in terms of money or rendering services by body, mind and intellect according to our ability. Here the best service is to spread   Baba’s message & Godliness. 

3.Bhakthi Yoga: Worshipping Baba’s feet and portrait at Baba temple especially on Thursdays. The same process can be  done in  home on  other days. Also,  worshipping  our  traditional deities by visiting temple and through regular worship at home.

4.Dhyana Yoga: Meditation procedure of reciting Baba’s Mantra “Sai Ram”.

5.Jnana  Yoga:   Reading   Baba’s  book  &  feeling  His  divinity. The  other  holy  books   such as, Ramayanam, Bhagawatham,  Bhagavad   Gita and  Holy  Quran  were  also  suggested   by Baba.

6.Holy Yatra: Performing holy yatra to  Shirdi  and places  such as,   Pandharipur,  Prayag,   Gaya, Nashik and other holy places.

All these processes are important & can be carried out based on our convenience. In  these processes, there are no hard and  fast rules  that we have  to abide.   According to  our  free time, we  can  follow the respective process. Here, Baba has given us full freedom to follow His spiritual path. Baba never imposed any diet restrictions and other regulations. We can perform  our regular worship procedure to other deities either by visiting the temple or in the home.

 In many devotees’ life, Baba devised a suitable spiritual path according to their karma and sins. Once we indulge in His spiritual path with more devotion, He would lead us by  extending  His grace without us knowing it. So, here, our duty is to follow His six processes; thus, Baba will help our mind concentrate on a   suitable  spiritual  process  by  creating  a  conducive   situation. Now,   Baba  is  not   alive  with  His physical form to predict each  devotee’s  karma and suggest a particular path. However, His invisible form also has power to guide His devotees.

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