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It was neither fame that inspired me to write about shirdi sai Baba nor the urge to express my work about sai. It is Baba’s wish to project his life vision through a mission with his direction and presence. So I was blessed by Shirid Sai to construct two temples in Chennai. In this line we established shirdi Sai Foundation to take care of the temple, and take forward Baba’s mission with his total guidance and will. The Shirdi Sai Foundation conducts annadanam (food distribution) and bhajans every Thursday. We have also started a monthly magazine titled Shri Shirdi Sai Yugam in Tamil.

The Vision of shirdi sai Foundation

Sai Baba’s whole life is nothing but his vision in abstract form “To remove people’s suffering from their present destiny and elevate them spiritually.”

The Mission of shirdi Sai Foundation

Sai Baba himself will carry his vision through the foundations and trusts like ours and implement it to the well-being of people in India and abroad.

Shri Shirdi Sai Yugam: A spiritual mission

Shri Shirdi sai Yugam is a non-religious spiritual mission which is the subdivision of Shirdi Sai Foundation. This mission will carry forward the activities initiated by Shri H H Narasimha Swamiji. Shri shirdi sai Baba’s life and ideology will be taken to every corner of the world and implemented through this spiritual mission. Initially, Baba’s spiritual path will be spread through books, magazine and English E-magazine, titled ‘Shri shirdi Sai Yugam’.

Baba’s spiritual path is very simple and every one can easily follow it in their day to day's life. There are no hard and fast rules in his spiritual process. All that we should do is put our mind in a particular frequency of receiving his divine grace by worship. Baba did not advocate Raja Yoga after predicting this 21st centuary's busy and fast life , however he secretly followed yogic practices in order to protect his yogic power.
Baba was much concerned in removing worldly people’s karma and sins by using his divine power in sukhshma form. Once we indulge in Baba’s regular worshipping, We would feel his invisible presence within us. In this line, Shirdi Sai Foundation has dedicated itself in the venture of spreading Baba’s spiritual path across the globe. Interested devotees are welcomed to extend their dedicated service for taking forward Baba’s spiritual mission.

Shirdi Sai Foundation Office, No. 18A Chidambaram Street., Agaram - Perambur, Chennai - 82, INDIA
A Public Charitable Trust Dedicated to Implement Shri Shirdi Sai Baba's Vision

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